Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little Monster baby shower

   Hailey's best friend is having a baby boy! Crystal lives in Idaho but still has tons of friends and family in Utah so Hailey is throwing her a baby shower.

   The theme is little monsters and we have been working hard to come up with some fun stuff, in a short period of time!

   I'll take some  pictures of the shower to show all the food and other details but here is a sneak peak of two really cute things we made.

  Crystal is going to cloth diaper so instead of the traditional diaper cake we made a cloth diaper wreath!

  The base of the wreath is just a cardboard circle and we used 14 pre folded diapers tied with riboon to make the wreath. Once we had the base we decorated with some baby sock flowers and the first letter of this sweet boy's name and our diaper wreath was done!

  We wanted a way for Crystal to remember everyone who was at the shower so we made a guest book of sorts. I free handed this little monster and added some balloons for everyone to sign. Super quick and easy, the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry!

  The shower is on the 12th so I will have lots more pictures then!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Craftaholics gift exchange

  I can't believe it's been a year since I participated in the last gift exchange. One of the blogs I follow, Craftaholics Anonymous,  hosts a gift exchange twice a year. So far I've only participated in the summer but I'm looking forward to the winter one.

  It's so fun to make something for someone you don't know. The anticipation of your secret elf receiving their package is almost too much to take. And, to make it even better, your secret elf makes a  little something for you as well!

  This year I stayed with tried and true, I may change that up for next time. Gloria's little gift from me contained two dishtowels that I added fabric and rickrack to, they were soooo simple to make and I love the little pop of fabric.

Two little, reversible tote bags Aren't those fabrics incredible? Each tote bag used about a yard of fabric and they are completely washable and reversible.

Finally, I made a collage. I've never made one before but I have recieved one as a gift and thought it would be fun to do. I used a little bit of everything, fabric, paper, bottle caps and buttons.

   I loved making them and got some really nice compliments on them! I think I'm going to put the tote bags in my Etsy shop,

Friday, June 12, 2015

Quick and easy toddler toy

   My little grandson is obsessed with magnets! Since he is just a little guy,  most magnets need to be kept out of his reach, he puts everything in his mouth. I love this picture of him, it's so rare that he is still!

  Anyway, little guy loves magnets. I have the alphabet on my fridge but wanted something else his little hands could play with. I went to the thrift store and found some chunky puzzles,

All I needed were some magnetic sheets.  I cut the sheets to fit and even though they are sticky on the back I still used glue to make sure they wouldn't come loose, but even if they do, they are not the little round button magnets that are a choking hazard.

  Once the glue dried I stuck them on the fridge and he has a blast transferring them to the stove and dishwasher.  The puzzle pieces still fit in the puzzle so he can use it either way.

   Not only is this fast and super easy, if you get the puzzles at the thrift store its cheap and you are recycling!