Friday, June 12, 2015

Quick and easy toddler toy

   My little grandson is obsessed with magnets! Since he is just a little guy,  most magnets need to be kept out of his reach, he puts everything in his mouth. I love this picture of him, it's so rare that he is still!

  Anyway, little guy loves magnets. I have the alphabet on my fridge but wanted something else his little hands could play with. I went to the thrift store and found some chunky puzzles,

All I needed were some magnetic sheets.  I cut the sheets to fit and even though they are sticky on the back I still used glue to make sure they wouldn't come loose, but even if they do, they are not the little round button magnets that are a choking hazard.

  Once the glue dried I stuck them on the fridge and he has a blast transferring them to the stove and dishwasher.  The puzzle pieces still fit in the puzzle so he can use it either way.

   Not only is this fast and super easy, if you get the puzzles at the thrift store its cheap and you are recycling!